A Year in Review: 2016 for Inspired LED

2016 for Inspired LED

We have endured another orbit around the sun! 2016 had it highs and its lows : from moving locations, adding hardworking new team members, developing innovative products, creating new partnerships, tackling crazy projects, all while maintaining our award winning customer service. 2017 is fast approaching but before we can welcome this exciting New Year, we want to take a moment to reflect on some of our favorite memories from 2016!

Best of Houzzbest of houzz 2016

Inspired LED has been a long time PRO on the Houzz website, and we have enjoyed every minute being on such an innovative platform! Houzz allows professionals to display their completed projects, products, and services, while consumers can create accounts to seek direct advice from professionals, save their favorite inspirations, and post in advice forums seeking advice from other users. We are thrilled that we have now received the Best of Houzz in Customer Service award for the 4th year in a row!

new designer series panelsNew Designer Series

Easy to use LED panels are a staple product for Inspired LED customers. The Designer Series (covered LED panels) have been a part of the product line from the very beginning! Each year we listen to customer feedback, and commit ourselves to making each and every product the best it can be. The New Designer Series Panels boast all the same benefits of having a sleek covered panel as the original design, but it now features a frosted white lens which hides the individual diodes, and reduces striations from the clear lens. New Designer Panels are available in panel packs, kits, and custom length LED panels in any color temperature.

New Building & Team MembersHeader1

WE MOVED! We are so excited to be finally all moved in to our new location! Our new building has more room for our constantly expanding product line, a bigger showroom for customers to come check out products and meet with designers, and our expanding team her at Inspired LED.  We also no longer have to deal with fighting over parking near the Motor Vehicle Department (if anyone visited our previous location you might remember parking often was hard to come by). After 5 years at our old location the move was a little bittersweet, but now that we are settled in, we are beyond excited about this place! Along with moving we also added on a few more team members this past year! Rebecca is part of our order processing/customer service team, she ensures orders are picked and shipped correctly, and is always here to help with customer’s questions/orders! Jam joined out manufacturing team working diligently on building custom orders, and making sure all of our in house components are stocked! Lastly, Jessica is the new friendly face that greets you at the front desk, she has quite literally become the glue in the office picking up admin duties and assisting any department or project we throw her way!

PoE led lightingNew Partnerships

This past year we had the pleasure of partnering with Igor, Inc. to push forward on what we think is the next important move for the LED Lighting Industry : PoE controlled LED Lighting. Igor has developed a sophisticated software that can control Inspired LED low voltage lighting systems through Ethernet lines. This new PoE system can be revolutionary for new construction,  it is much easier and cheaper to run Ethernet cables instead of high voltage lines throughout new buildings. The advanced software allows for ultimate control over large scale buildings, where you can create your own zones and timing for lighting based on any configuration you need, meaning another big saver in terms of cost to run the lighting! If you want to explore more information about PoE and how the system works checkout our announcement here or our information page!

Be sure to follow Inspired LED on our website, blog, and on Facebook for news and updates throughout the year regarding our sales, projects, and new products. Got a lighting project planned for 2017? Be sure to check out our DIY kits, or submit a request to our Design Team for a free LED layout and quote!