Messy Countertops Can Lead to Stress

Every week, our skilled designers receive dozens of photos from clients looking for custom LED systems. From kitchens to bedrooms, bathrooms, and garages, we’ve seen it all, and we are happy to help! Our design services are meant to relieve your stress-filled remodel, and help keep you within your budget or time constraints. While we might not be able to come out to your house for lemonade and a fun afternoon of installing LED under cabinet lighting, we can ensure a design that is simple to install with very few tools and a wealth of technical support just a phone call away. messy couter tops and stress levels

There is a note-worthy issue, though, that we often see in the design pictures we receive; the Counter Clutter Conundrum. Many of us have fallen victim to this enigma from time to time, and most of us would agree, it is a problem that needs to be eliminated.

Now, I am not here to tell you how to organize your kitchen or home. But I can tell you that researchers at UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives and Families, otherwise known as CELF, have shown a link between depression and the amount of “stuff” in your home (see:Trouble in Paradise, Meg Sullivan). Some people may like it this way, and that is totally fine! However, in the past few years we have noticed that after installing some under cabinet LED Flexible strips, or providing the workbench in the garage with some cool white designer panels, those brand new LEDs might look even better in a neat and tidy space.

As it turns out, installation or remodel day is a great opportunity to reorganize and de-clutter those counter tops!messy ktichen clean countertop and less stress Try creating a designated spot for messy items like mail, keys, and receipts. Hang some hooks under the counter for the kids’ backpacks or coats. Look for ways to turn your home’s nooks and crannies into convenient organizational tools.

Again, we aren’t here to tell you how to organize your personal belongings, we’re just here to help you find new and ways to brighten up your home! So, whether it be under your kitchen cabinets, or in your garage or workshop, let us help you highlight the best features of your space with a design from Inspired LED.

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