Head to Head: Inspired LED Takes on the Competition

inspired led stacks up against the competitionFor more than eight years, Inspired LED has been committed to providing our customers with high quality LED systems at affordable prices. It is our mission to ensure all of our customers receive only the best products and services!

As a first-time buyer of LEDs, it can be tough to know what you are looking for, or where to start. These days, there are many companies out there who offer similar style flexible LED strips, custom design solutions, and comprehensive information regarding their products. But not all brands are created equal.

At Inspired LED, we have worked hard to establish a line of products which are easy to understand, simple to install, and perhaps most importantly, cost much less than our competitors! Let’s explore what Inspired LED does differently, and see just how well we stack up to the competition.

12M reelReel / Maximum Lengths

If you do a quick search on Google or Amazon for flexible LED strips, you will more than likely find an assortment of 5 meter reels kitted with compatible power supplies and controllers. Most of these are sold straight from China and cost next to nothing– but buyer beware. When it comes to LED technology, the old saying “you get what you pay for” is certainly true. In order to hit these price points, LED manufacturers have to make lots of compromises on things like efficiency and color quality. This results in products of extremely low quality, which aren’t built to last and rarely come with any helpful product information or instructions.

And while 5 meters might seem like a lot (16’5” is definitely enough for certain projects), you’d be amazed how quickly that length can get used up in larger installs! Even more well-known companies like Flexfire LEDs and Super Bright offer only 5 meter reels as a max length. At Inspired LED we try to provide our customers with more versatile solutions by offering custom lengths at all cut points along our flexible strips, and selling our reels in full 12 meter lengths (that’s over 39’)!


LEDs are known for their efficiency and longevity. Unlike traditional light sources which burn out all at once, LED strip lights wear out very slowly, over long periods of time eventually growing too dim for use. Most manufacturers design their LEDs to be driven at or near 100% , estimating a product lifetime based on “running hours”, or the amount of time the lights are actually on. Super Bright LED suggests the lifespan of their light strips is up to 30,000 running hours. Flexfire LEDs, on the other hand, offers a 50,000-hour lifespan for their flexible strips. At Inspired LED we design our LEDs to last a full 100,000 running hours by driving our LEDs at 50%. This means an Inspired LED lighting system won’t need to be replaced for up to ten years!

Ease of Connection

There’s a lot to consider when planning a new low-voltage lighting system. If you’re going the custom route, careful measurements are required to ensure everything lines up just right. But this can be especially tricky when placing an order remotely, just a few inches off can mean the difference between the perfect light, and an awkward shadow. For this reason, many contractors, electricians, even DIYers have shifted towards in-field customization, cutting and connecting LED strips on the job site.

To avoid the hassle of a soldering iron, many LED companies have added “solderless connectors” to their product lines. This is an area which Inspired LED is proud to have helped pioneer. Back in 2014 we patented our revolutionary Tiger Paws® which took this concept to the next level of ease and reliability. Unlike other connectors, Inspired LED Tiger Paws® feature a variety of termination styles mounted to a strain relief board, proven to meet shock and vibration requirements for IEC 60068-2-27. Combined with our proprietary “wide pad” flex, this innovative design not only helps to make installations quicker and easier, but it also guarantees a more secure and long lasting connection!

Costcost of LEDs

Let’s face it; remodeling, redecorating, buying or building a home all have one thing in common: they always seem to go over budget. That’s why cost is so important when it comes to deciding which products to use for accent lighting.  Some lighting companies try to draw you in with tag lines like “best LEDs” or “most popular”, to help justify their price points. Flexfire LEDs sells their “High CRI” flex for $259 for a 5 meter reel, making this product almost $16 per foot. By comparison, all Inspired LED 12V flex strips are 90 + CRI, and a 12 meter reel of our brightest Mega Bright Flex is just $225– that’s only $7 per foot.

The price of power is another thing to consider when installing LED strips. Most flex strips operate at 12VDC or 24VDC which will require a transformer or power supply to convert from the standard 110V in our homes and businesses. This can be a hidden cost, especially with companies that carry cheaper flex strips. Super Bright LED, for example, offers the popular Magnitude LinDrive Transformer in 40W for $119. Inspired LED carries the exact same Magnitude LinDrive 12V 40W Dimmable Transformer for just $65.

Any way you slice it, Inspired LED’s products and prices put us a cut above the rest! Let us help you build the perfect low-voltage lighting system for your next project, and see the difference for yourself.

Don’t waste your time or money on anything less than the best! Visit Inspired LED’s website to learn more about our affordable products, or check out our free design services for assistance with your next project!