LED Lighting: In a City Near You

City Trends

A new trend is developing among many cities nationwide, which will affect the way your streets are being lit. The benefits of LED lighting are heavily being recognized: the quality of light, life span, and energy efficiency, just to name a few. For example, the town of New Haven, Connecticut just established a street light program funded at 2.1 million dollars to reduce the energy consumption city wide. After running the numbers, they found that over the span of 3 years, the amount of money saved will pay for the lights entirely and reduce energy costs for a lifetime after that. Not only are these lights saving energy within the city budget, they are changing the way the city is viewed. LED bulbs in street lamps can take away the cloudy glow of city lights, and can really clear up the surrounding architecture that makes each city unique.

city lights before and after LEDs

Putting the Art in Architecture.

Next time you take a stroll around your city blocks, or walk to the parking lot after a night at the movies, look around you and take notice of the buildings and design that went into them. You may notice there are more angles and structural design to each building. Many architecture design firms have begun to utilize LED lighting into their designs, displaying the evolving techniques of building and planning. These lighting tools can adjust the way height appears and the way depth is perceived, making an architect’s job that much more intriguing. I guess you could say architecture and LED lighting have merged together to keep up with modern trends.

urban led lighting However, you don’t need to be a city planner, or a modern day architect to create your own vision and help keep energy cost down. The LED lighting we provide is beneficial to any application, and we are even here to help your special design come to life! For more reasons to switch to LEDs check out our how to guide!

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