Inspired LED’s Exclusive Solderless Tiger Paw Connector for LED Strips

First patent sweeps the LED industry and paves new ground for DIYers and Professionals

Tempe, AZ—May 27th, 2014—Inspired LED is excited to introduce the newly patented Tiger Paw LED Connector™, U.S. Patent No. 8,714,772. These solderless connectors reliably terminate LED flexible strips without the need for soldering, allowing anyone to create custom length flexible strips. Tiger Paws work well with Inspired LED flexible light strips and most all other manufacturer’s LED strips as well. The process is simple: just cut your strip to an appropriate length, slide on a Tiger Paw, and connect to the integrated power connector. This simplicity allows anyone from weekend DIYers to professional contractors to install a system in minutes.

For years, contractors and DIYers have utilized flexible LED strip lighting to achieve incredible effects from accent lighting to task lighting. To date, the single drawback of the technology is power. How does one create a reliable connection to this low profile light? Until Tiger Paws, the only reliable solution was to directly solder wires directly to the flexible strip itself. While there have been attempts to eliminate the need to solder, all have fallen short of “reliable.” Until now.

Two important points separate the Tiger Paw LED Connector from other solderless connectors. First is the strain relief. Tiger Paws are built with an extended mounting plane beyond the point of electrical connection. This allows the flexible LED strips to be secured to the Tiger Paw with the existing adhesive on the backside of the LED strips, taking the brunt of any stress that can weaken or break the electrical connection. Second is the integrated power connector. Tiger Paws can be built with any desired power connector. Inspired LED currently offers three popular power connectors:

  • 3.5mm x 1.3mm: Inspired LED’s standard connectors fit both Inspired LED power supplies and interconnect cables.
  • 5.5mm x 2.1mm: A very popular connector across the LED industry, most power supplies fit this connector.
  • Screw Terminal: The most versatile of connectors lets you bring wires directly to the connector and tighten the screws.

“The excitement at Inspired LED is palpable— this past year, Inspired LED has supplied Tiger Paws to our consumers, contractors, and distributors with rave reviews. We are thrilled that the U.S. Patent Office has now officially recognized Inspired LED and our Tiger Paw Connectors for this innovative advancement in LED technology,” says Engineering Manager Tanner Leland.

Inspired LED’s Best (and First) Patent

This is the first patent for Inspired LED and number 30 for Jim Levante, founder of Inspired LED. Jim has acquired a breadth of patents in his career, all connector based for the medical and automation industry. Even with that experience under his belt, Jim is looking to revolutionize the LED world. “My 30th patent is by far the best, mainly because it is a pure consumer product. I look forward to seeing this groundbreaking technology used across most LED flexible strip brands,” says Jim. This is the first patent for Inspired LED Engineer Manager, Tanner Leland.

Take advantage of Inspired LED’s buy one get one free offer on cut and connect series kits, featuring the Tiger Paw Connector For more information on this product, view Inspired LED’s Tiger Paw LED Connector Installation Video.

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