Inspired LED Top Magnitude Distributor

Inspired LED, LLC Named The Largest Stocking Distributor Of Magnitude Lighting Converters In Arizona

Local Business Brings Quality LED Drivers To Customers Nationwide

TEMPE, AZ, July 12, 2017– Local lighting company Inspired LED, LLC announced it has been named the largest official distributor for Magnitude Lighting Converters in Arizona. With a wide variety of LED drivers in stock through their online web store and in their showroom, Inspired LED is poised to bring Magnitude products to a greater range of customers nationwide.

Magnitude was founded in Orange County, CA in 2008, with the goal of using breakthrough technologies to yield the highest efficiency ratings in the low-voltage lighting industry. With their combination of quality and performance, they quickly earned the reputation as a leading manufacturer of LED drivers in the nation.

Meanwhile, in Silicon Valley, Inspired LED founder Jim Levante was developing his vision of bringing high-quality LED lighting to the market. Initial product development revolved around the creation of simple plug-in kits, but after setting up shop in Arizona, Levante soon recognized an opportunity to create more integrated systems using a different type of power source for LEDs which would enable customers to utilize wall dimmers from companies like Lutron and Leviton.

“It began as a matter of convenience for our customers,” Levante explained. “A standard plug-in power supply functions with a low voltage controller such as an in-line switch or remote control. But in order to design systems with a more traditional wall dimmer switch, we needed to incorporate a dimmable LED driver into our product line.”

Magnitude’s 12V magnetic low-voltage drivers were the first selected for this purpose, due to their compact design and long-term reliability. The pairing was so successful that Inspired LED soon adopted the electronic models into their product line. More recently they also picked up Magnitude’s 24V drivers, as well as the sleek new Lindrive models. Inspired LED now designs and manufactures their LEDs specifically for use with Magnitude brand transformers.

Since 2009, Inspired LED has distributed Magnitude products as part of their low voltage lighting systems, and as of this week, they have officially been identified as Arizona’s largest stocking distributor of Magnitude products.

“We pride ourselves on being a high service oriented one-stop shopping experience for our customers,” said general manager Cheryl Jang. “Magnitude’s low-voltage drivers are the perfect complement to our LED products, and we are very proud to be Magnitude’s largest stocking distributor in Arizona.”

Beyond serving their local customer base, Inspired LED proudly offers free shipping on qualifying purchases nationwide, bringing the quality and convenience of Magnitude products to customers across the country. This is of particular convenience for contractors and electricians as Magnitude products are not available direct from the manufacturer.

“Inspired LED has always focused on bringing innovative and elegant end-user solutions to the market,” explained Tom Romano, VP of Business Development for Magnitude Lighting. “We’ve really enjoyed working with them over the years.”

A variety of 12 volt and 24 volt Magnitude drivers are now available for purchase through Inspired LED’s website, as well as through their Amazon store. Current inventory includes magnetic, electronic, and Lindrive models, ranging from 20 to 300 watts. More information, including product specifications can be found on Inspired LED’s website.

About Inspired LED

Inspired LED, LLC is a leading LED manufacturer of easy-to-use home, commercial, and specialty lighting, and the largest distributor of Magnitude LED drivers in Arizona. Since their initial pilot sales program launched in 2009, the company has delivered award-winning service by providing customers with reliable, energy-efficient products at an exceptional value. By continuously working to recognize and serve the growing demands of the industry, Inspired LED has quickly emerged as a frontrunner in LED system design and product development.

Inspired LED proudly partners their professional expertise with clients across the country to offer comprehensive lighting solutions for a variety of applications. To learn more about Inspired LED, visit their website,, follow them on, or stop by their showroom in Tempe, Arizona.

About Magnitude Lighting

Since 2008 Magnitude has been transforming LED lighting with advanced LED drivers based on our breakthrough technologies that yield the highest efficiency ratings in the industry. Our LED drivers have become the de-facto standard and the product-of-choice of the leading Lighting OEMs in the industry.

Headquartered in Orange County, we maintain advanced manufacturing facilities and customer support facilities in North America in order to deliver the highest product quality, fastest fulfillment, and superior customer support.

Our research and development teams continue to set the standards for dimmable LED lighting innovation while our world-class manufacturing and fulfillment makes these advances available at high quality and ready-availability. Our ongoing spirit of innovation continues to transform the industry every day. Today, our LED drivers can be found in hundreds of thousands of installations, driving millions of LEDs throughout the world.