Advice On Which Pictures To Send Our Design Team – Part 1

Here at Inspired LED we offer a great service that not many other companies offer: We will design your kitchen lighting for you. Our sales engineers will help you figure out what lighting you need, the lengths needed, amount of power supply needed, what cables to use and more. The best part about this service is that it is 100% free, that’s right FREE! The one catch about the free design service is that we need your help in order to complete your design.

We need your help in knowing how your kitchen is set up and the dimensions of your cabinets, because let’s face it, our sales engineers aren’t psychic. So how can you best help us out? Well, we ask that you send in pictures or drawings of your kitchen with the ideal set up you would like to have. Most of the time the pictures or dimensions sent in by our customers are perfect and easy to follow, however that isn’t always the case. With that being said, let’s go over which pictures will best help our design team help you.

To begin with, we will look at some of the better pictures that have been sent in to the design team. Here is one of the best of the bests:



Inspired LED Design Team Entertainment Center picture

  • Includes a bird’s eye view and a front view of the entertainment center.
  • Includes the sizes of the shelves and the areas where customer wanted to have their lights.
  • This customer used graph paper to make perfect straight lines (However, this isn’t required, some customers just send in drawings on a white piece of paper with basic lines).

Kitchen example picture

  • Above is another great example of a nice design sent in by a customer.
  • He sketched out a bird’s eye view of their kitchen and gave the dimensions of each cabinet, without writing all over the drawing.
  • He labeled each cabinet with letters- When we discussed specific details, it was easy to follow.
  • Overall, it is a very clean drawing that has all the needed information and more on it.

Web drawing picture example Now we know everyone may not be as artistic as these customers are, plus this could take up a lot of time, which not everyone has. Yet, you don’t always have to draw. You can even do simple lines on the computer just like the customer above did.

If those are both too much, don’t worry because those are usually a last resort option that customers send when they can’t take a photo or don’t have the floor plans.

Floor Plans

Floor plans are always a good picture to send in as long as it is not the house blue prints. The best floor plans are those that show us what your kitchen looks like. We need the micro specs of the kitchen or the cabinet blue prints depending on which one you have. Take a look at these two photos; one image gives too much information and the other is a good example of what to send in. Can you guess which is which?

kitchen dimension example picture

blueprint picture example










The answer is the micro spec on the left! It has all the cabinet sizes and shows us exactly where everything is located. The picture on the right might allow us to see where your kitchen is located in your house but we don’t need to know that.

Virtual Drawing

Another option is to send in a virtual drawing or picture of your kitchen. This picture below is a great example of something that is a good picture to send in to the design team.

virtual drawing picture

Just remember to make sure you send in the dimensions of the cabinets as well.

I hope this gave you great insight to what the best kind of pictures to send our design team are. The images don’t need to be fancy to be informative. Be on the lookout for the next post in our series about the types of pictures that are best to send to our design team.

Our designers look forward to your next specialty order. Feel free to call or email our design team ( with any and all questions. Contact Us!