Video | Installing LED Flexible Strips Under Cabinets with Frames

How-To: Installing LED Flex Strips Under Cabinets with Frames

  • Measure cabinet. Make sure to subtract 1.5”from each end. So, I will need 2- 27” flex strips. Drill half inch holes through cabinet frame.
  • Feed the LED flex strip through the holes. Remember to be gentle with the connector.
  • Use masking tape to temporarily place the flex strips before using the adhesive backing. You can also place flex strips over the frame.
  • Using your interconnect cable, connect your flex strips. Clip down extra cable.
  • Plug your power supply into your flex strip and the switched outlet. If you like your flex strip placement, secure with adhesive backing.

Remember: This is meant to be a helpful guide and isn’t the only way to install flex strips!

Use your imagination… the possibilities are endless!

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