Video | How To Reduce Glare on Granite Counters

Here at Inspired LED we occasionally get phone calls about lighting glare on granite and similar surfaces.  For now, we’ll call it the Dot Effect. Granite is like a mirror and whatever light you put above it, it will reflect, whether it be a LED strip or you use some type of diffuser.  Here we will discuss how you can eliminate this effect while keeping the same amount of light underneath your cabinets.

  • First, if you have cabinets with frames, use a tool such as the oscillating multi-tool saw attachment to cut about a quarter to a ½ inch notch.
  • Measure the length of your cabinets and subtract 1.5 inches from each side to enable the power supply or additional cables to be plugged into the end of the strips.
  • Place your flex strip on the lip of the cabinet facing the backsplash.  Use masking tape to temporarily place the flex strips before using the adhesive backing.
  • The ½ inch notch allows you to run one continuous strip along your cabinet lip and the strips are flexible enough to bend around corners.
  • Plug in your power supply to ensure perfect lighting placement.  If you like your flex strip placement, secure with the adhesive backing. Now, your LEDs are facing the backsplash.
  • Inspired LED’s lights will give you enough under cabinet lighting.  Plus it eliminates the glare, or dot effect, on granite and other similar surfaces.

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