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Budget Friendly Kits: 10 Kits under $100

Remodeling your home is an expensive venture, and remaining within your budget can seem impossible at times. Saving money on any expense, no matter how small, can really add up. Our easy to use kits are not only inexpensive, but all of the kits below do not need to be installed by an electrician. Let’s take a look at ten budget friendly kits that are sure to brighten any room in your house!

Rigid Panel Kits

Pro Series 21 LED Deluxe Kit

bugdget friendly kits : 10 under $100 pro series 21 LED This easy to use 3 panel kit is great for small kitchens or if you are new to using LEDs. This kit can be installed in minutes, and features a simple plug and play design. The Deluxe Kit includes all hardware required for the system, but also allows for additional accessories to be added to check everything off your wishlist!

Pro Series 42 LED Deluxe Kit

buget friendly kits 10 under $100 designer series

The Pro Series 42 LED Deluxe kit is perfect for cabinets that are longer than 18″. This easy to install kit, similar to the 21 LED panel kit features 3 uncovered panels, and comes with all needed hardware. This modular design allows for more lighting to be added at any time.

10 ” Designer Series Deluxe Kit

budget friendly ktis 10 under $100 designer kit

The Designer Series Deluxe kit boasts a covered rigid panel, perfect for frame less cabinets, or other lighting application where the panels would be visible. Again like our many other kits, this includes all hardware needed for set up and features our 4 positions push button dimmer.

18″ Designer Series Deluxe Kit

budget friendly kits 10 un der 100 designer deluxe

The 18″ Designer Series Deluxe kit is perfect for longer cabinets, and boast a covered rigid panel. Like our other kits this includes all the hardware needed for set up, and includes our 4 push button dimmer. These work great in jewelry cases, or other areas of your home that the lighting may need to be enclosed.


Sewing Machine Lighting Kit

budget friendly kits 10 under 100 sewing machine kit

Our sewing machine kit is perfect for almost all sewing and quilting machines. A low  profile and very bright lights allow the strip to fit on the arm of any machine! Since the LEDs can be cut to length, any left over lights can be paired with an expansion kit for a second machine. This kit has a quick install time, and comes with everything you need!

Cut and Connect Kits

Normal Bright Cut and Connect 3M Kit

budget friendly kits 10 under 100 cut and connect normal brightThe normal bright cut and connect series kit is perfect for any simple DIY project that requires some low profile flexible strip lighting. This kit can be used to create the custom lengths needed, and is perfect for an accent light.

Super Bright Cut and Connect 3M Kit

budget friendly kits 10 under 100 cut and connect super brightThe Super Bright 3M Cut and Connect Kit is also ideal for almost any DIY project. This customizable kit allows you to use flexible strips in the sizes you need. Perfect for accent or task lighting in kitchens, offices, closets, and safes.

Ultra Bright Cut and Connect 3M Kit

budget friendly kits 10 under 100 cut and connect ultra bright

The Ultra Bright Cut and Connect 3M Kit like our other flexible kits, comes with all the items you need for any set up! Perfect for task lighting under cabinets in kitchens, offices, garages, workshops, and jewelry cases. Perfect for contractors in the field!

TV Back Light Kits

Universal Back Light TV Kit

budget friendly kits 10 under 100 backlight regular

The regular TV Back light kit reduces eye strain by supplying bias lighting when the flexible strip is mounted behind the TV. This kit comes with everything you need for your set up and comes in two sizes to fit almost any TV!

Universal Back light Kit with USB switch

budget friendly kits 10 under 100 tv backlight usb

The Universal Back light Kit with USB switch provides all the benefits of the regular back light kit, but plugs into your TV’s USB port which allows the strip to turn on and off with your TV. (Please note your TV should be tested to ensure compatibility before purchasing.)

For more LED kit options, please visit our website. Give us a call  (480)941-4286 or e-mail with any questions.