Inspired LED Named Largest Magnitude Distributor in AZ

Since 2009, Inspired LED has proudly carried Magnitude drivers as a reliable source of power for our low-voltage lighting systems. But as of this week, we are excited to announce we have been named the largest official distributor of Magnitude Lighting Converters in the state of Arizona!

Based in Orange County, CA, Magnitude was founded back in 2008 with the mission of applying breakthrough technologies to manufacture high efficiency transformers for the emerging low-voltage industry. With their combination of quality and performance, they quickly earned the reputation as a leading manufacturer of LED drivers in the nation.

Meanwhile, in Silicon Valley, Inspired LED founder Jim Levante was developing his vision of bringing high-quality LED lighting to the average consumer. Initial product development focused primarily on plug-in kits with simple in-line controllers (like our four position dimmer or wireless remote), but we soon began looking for ways to create more integrated systems.

In order to control low-voltage LEDs from a more traditional wall dimmer switch, a dimmable driver needs to be incorporated between the two. This component brings the 120V AC from your electrical lines down to the 12V or 24V DC required to run your LED lights. (See Below)

Magnitude’s 12V magnetic low-voltage drivers were the first selected for this purpose, due to their compact design and long-term reliability. The pairing was so successful that Inspired LED soon adopted the electronic models into our product line. More recently, we also picked up Magnitude’s 24V drivers, as well as the sleek new Lindrive models. We even specially designs and manufacture our LEDs specifically for use with Magnitude brand transformers.

So what is it that makes Magnitude brand LED drivers the perfect power source for low voltage lighting systems? There are a few key features which we feel put this line of products a step above the rest:

  • Magnitude drivers function with a wide range of dimmer switches! The Magnetic, E-Seires, and Lindrive models each come with a list of dozens of compatible switches in a variety of colors and styles from top brands like Lutron and Leviton, ensuring smooth, flicker free control for your LEDs.
  • Magnitude’s design includes a built-in j-box for wire connections and simple screw mounts, so their transformers can be installed directly inside or above cabinets with no need for additional housing. Magnetic and E-Series models feature simple knockouts for wire nut connections while the Lindrive houses internal screw terminals for direct connections.
  • All Magnitude drivers carried by Inspired LED are ETL listed and certified to CSA standards, ensuring our customers receive only the safest and highest quality products.
  • Primary and secondary auto-reset circuit breakers help prevent each Magnitude driver from being over-driven, and in the event of an internal short, ensure that the transformer switches itself off. Cleverly designed thermal sensors also prevent overheating by shutting down power once a certain temperature has been exceeded. This protects the longevity of the driver while significantly reducing any risk of fire.
  • Magnitude LED drivers are both cost effective and long lasting, rated to last up to five years where many other brands last only two to three.
  • Unlike other manufacturers, since Magnitude’s products are finished in the US, orders do not require international shipping. This allows businesses like ours to offer their products at a competitive rate while continuing to support the American economy!

Inspired LED and Magnitude Inc. have grown together over the past few years, and we look forward to our companies’ continued partnership. A variety of 12 volt and 24 volt Magnitude drivers are now available for purchase through Inspired LED’s website, as well as through their Amazon store. Current inventory includes magnetic, electronic, and Lindrive models, ranging from 20 to 300 watts.

Beyond serving our local customer base, Inspired LED proudly offers free shipping on most purchases nationwide, bringing the quality and convenience of Magnitude products to customers across the country. More information, including product specifications can be found at