Hardwire Kitchen LED Light Kit

For years Inspired LED has offered value priced LED kits to our customers. The kits, around 30% off of retail price, have been very popular items among our product line. They offer everything you could possibly need to get started- LED panels, cables, switches or dimmers, and power supplies. Inspired LED is also very flexible when it comes to allowing our customers to customize their LED light kits.

Now more than ever before, we are trying to exceed our customers’ wishes. We’ve put together a value priced kit that allows you to hardwire Pro Series 21 LED panels to a wall dimmer through a dimmable transformer. It’s the first kit of its kind here at Inspired LED and is aimed at making your lighting choices more affordable.

The Hardwire Kitchen Kit includes:

The Pro Series 21 LED Panels are great for medium to large sized kitchens, offices, display cases, and task lighting. The LED panels can be mixed and matched with most of our products to create your perfect system.

That’s everything you need to hardwire your lights. How much more convenient could it get?


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