Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit

sewing machine LED light kit from Inspired LED

Most commonly, LED lights are associated with accent lighting or under cabinet lighting, but there are countless other uses for LED flexible strips. Inspired LED products are also great for lighting up your collectibles, hobbies, or toys. And if your hobby happens to be sewing, then you’re in luck!

Inspired LED has been retailing, testing, and refining our  Sewing Machine Flexible LED Strip Kit  for the past two years, in order to develop what we believe to be the ideal lighting solution for sewers and quilters alike. Our customers seem to agree, helping to make this kit a number one best seller on!

Most modern sewing machines come with a small light positioned somewhere near the needle, but these can often cast unwanted shadows, or provide insufficient lighting under the arm of the machine. After long hours of sewing, especially at night, this dim light can cause eyestrain, making it difficult to finish detailed projects. Xenon or halogen bulb attachments are available through large commercial retailers, but while these lights may be bright they also have a tendency to produce a lot of heat, which can be uncomfortable.

sewing machine before and afterInspired LED’s Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit is the perfect solution to this problem! A low profile LED strip adheres directly to the arm of your sewing or quilting machine, providing up to 310 lumens with minimal heat production. A unique design allows the 24.5″ strip to be cut to length in order to provide just the right amount of light for almost any machine. In many cases, the leftover LED light strip is even long enough to light a second machine, so our handy Expansion Kit  provides all the additional hardware and accessories needed to create a secondary system!

In the past few years of research, Inspired LED has documented a wide variety of sewing machine models ideally suited for the Sewing Machine LED Lighting kit. These include: Bernina International, Brother Industries, Elna (Swiss company), Feiyue (Sewing), Husqvarna Sewing Machines, Janome, Jones Sewing Machine Company, Juki, Leader Sewing Machine, Merrow Sewing Machine Company, National Sewing Machine Company, Pfaff, Sewmor, Singer Corporation, SVP Worldwide, Tacony Corporation, Taft-Peirce Manufacturing Company, Barthélemy Thimonnier, Tikkakoski (company), VSM Group, White Sewing Machine Company, and more!

Since its launch back in 2013, Inspired LED’s Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit has grown from a cult classic to an industry favorite thanks to the dedication of our product development team, and the constructive feedback of our loyal customers. We are proud to produce simple, reliable lighting kits such as this one, and we are excited to continue developing similar products in the future!

To learn more about Inspired LED’s Sewing Machine Lighting Kit, visit the product page on our website, or check out our installation video. You can also reach out to us with any questions by calling 480-941-4286, or emailing us at Happy sewing!