Holiday Gift Guide 2013: This Season’s Best LED Gift Ideas

holiday gift guide for led lighting 2013

If you haven’t started thinking about the holidays yet, get your shopping pants on because the holidays are only a few weeks away! This year, give your loved ones exactly what they want with our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide. Grab a gingerbread cookie and hot chocolate, cozy up next to the fireplace, and find some lighting inspiration below!

tv backlight kit

For the entertainment lover

TV Backlight Kit  |  $39-49

It’s no secret, most of us love watching TV (honestly, who can stop watching when there are so many episodes of Modern Family, Walking Dead, and Real Housewives to catch up on??). Give your favorite TV lover’s eyes a rest without even having to turn off the boob-tube. With our TV Backlight kit, you can greatly reduce eyestrain and fatigue by providing bias lighting behind your television. The cool white flexible strip also helps the image on your TV appear sharper and more vivid. The strip simply sticks onto the back of your TV and plugs into an electrical outlet. So easy, the only problem you will have is getting your gift recipient to leave the couch.

led lighting hardwire kitchen kit

For the one who is remodeling or wants an update

Hardwire Kitchen Kit, Pro Series  |  $239

Hardwire Kitchen Kit, Designer Series  |  $259

Your husband/wife/mom/dad/sister/brother/daughter/son doesn’t know it yet, but they want lights. Pretty, bright, and useful lights that will bring meaning to their kitchen. Lights that will attract people to the heart of their home. Don’t worry though, because we happen to have those exact lights. Our Hardwire Kitchen Kit comes in two different light panel variations: Pro Series Panels (no lens cover) or Designer Series Panels (with lens cover). The kits also come in either cool white, similar to a fluorescent light, or warm white, similar to an incandescent light, and allow you to choose the color of wall dimmer that suits your loved one’s home the best. This kit requires a little technical expertise to hardwire the wall dimmer and dimmable transformer, but it will be worth it!

led lighting small kitchen kit

For the one who lights up your life

Pro Series 21 LED Deluxe Kit  |  $58

Anything having to do with remodeling or fixing up your house can potentially sound intimidating, expensive, and complicated. Don’t let it be. Our deluxe kits are perfectly created to provide everything one would need to get started. The three Pro Series 21 LED panels can illuminate a small kitchen (or part of a kitchen), office area, or just about anywhere else you can think of. All your loved one has to do is plug these bright babies in and go! And don’t be surprised when they call you after the LED lights are installed, telling you that you are the best gift-giver in the world… Because, let’s face it, you are.

cut and connect led kit

For the do-it-yourselfer

Cut and Connect Series 3M Kits

Normal Bright |  $50     Super Bright  |  $60      Ultra Bright  |  $90

Everyone knows a Do-It-Yourself type of person (whether for better or for worse). Our new Cut and Connect Series Kits allow you to be the designer of your own project. The installation process is so easy, that you can give this kit to your 10 year old kid and watch your lights go up in no time. The 3 Meter kit comes with everything you need to get started (about 115 inches of lights!) and also comes with instructions, even if the DIYer in your life doesn’t “need” them. These kits are also available in 12 Meter versions in Normal Bright, Super Bright, Ultra Bright.

outdoor led lighting

For the outdoorsy type

Outdoor LED Lighting Strips |  Prices Starting at $7.60

For most outdoor lovers, their yard, patio, or garden is their sanctuary. Make their experience a little “brighter” with our Outdoor LED strips, made with silicone tubing to ensure weather resistance. These strips can be cut to length, added together to make an entire lighting system, and added to most current outdoor lighting systems. Imagine the smile on your loved one’s face as they kick back with a glass of lemonade on their newly lit patio. How refreshing!

 red green and blue led lights

For the host/hostess with the most/mostess

Accent Lighting

Normal Bright Flexible Strips |  Prices Starting at $7.20

What can you think of that is more fun that colored lights (and what is a holiday gift guide without a little fun)? Colored lights just have a way of making people happy. Just think about Christmas lights, glow sticks, or any hotel, restaurant, or nightclub. Help your loved one add a hint of color to virtually anywhere in their home: accent art on the wall, home bar, wall wash, under the bed, behind the TV, in the garage, to light up onyz or glass, and more. We offer LED strips in red, green, blue, and color-changing RGB.

For more information, please feel free to give us a call at (480)941-4286 or check out our kits for more easy-to-install lighting. Also, join us on our Facebook page for our 12 Days of LEDs, with specials, tips, and fun ideas for the holidays