12VDC Double Row Ultra Bright Flexible LED Strip Full 12M Reel (White) – $450.00


When a single row flexible strip just isn’t enough light, the double row flexible strip is a great option for extra lighting. These are great to use for specialty lighting projects, workshops, garage spaces, above stoves or sinks, or anywhere you need an extreme amount of light. Two rows of LEDs are placed on a single strip to allow for an extra bright flexible strip. Full 12 meter reel, almost 40 ft of LED strip to work with. If you would like custom cut LED strips with connectors, check out our Double Row Ultra Bright LED strips.

Double Row Ultra Bright Flexible Strips are not compatible with our solderless Tiger Paw® connectors. A soldered connection must be made using 2 conductor 18AWG cable.

Double Row Flex Strips have adhesive backing for easy installation. Connect strips together with interconnect cables and power with a power supply or hardwire with a dimmable transformer. Accessories are not included.

  • Full 12 meter reel (approx. 40ft)
  • Luminosity: ~500-525 lumens per foot (depending on color)
  • Wattage: 5.25 watts per foot
  • 180 LEDs per meter / 60 LEDs per foot
  • Dimensions: 16.5 mm (0.64″) wide x (custom length)
  • Double row flex is NOT compatible with our solderless Tiger Paw connectors.
  • Use 2 conductor 18AWG cable to solder directly to LED strip
  • CSA Listed: 265216