Custom Single Row Angle Adjust Tube – Prices Starting at $13.29


Custom Angle Adjust Tubes, with a single row of Ultra Bright LEDs, snap into clips to allow you to turn your LED lights 360 degrees. Direct your light where it’s most needed! Point them toward your workspace, light up a wall, or make your jewelry and other display items stand out. Perfect for jewelry cases, offices, workshops, garages, and more. They can be adjusted after installation and can be temporarily removed to use as a handheld device.

LED Tubes are sold individually in both off-the-shelf and custom sizes and can be mixed and matched to create a system.

Each tube comes with two screw-in angle adjust clips for mounting. For additional mounting options, such as magnets and clamps, please see angle adjust mounting clips.


  • Luminosity: 130-135 lumens per foot (depending on color)
  • Dimensions: (Custom length) x 5/8″ (diameter)
  • Includes 2 mounting clips. All accessories must be purchased separately.
  • For custom sizes over 60.5″, please contact us
  • i Subtract 1.5″ from your dimensions on each side of tube to allow room for interconnect cable installation.