Independence Dimmer Switch 2.0 (12V or 24V Flex)


The new 2-Zone Independence Dimmer Switch is designed to be mounted anywhere. The switch requires no batteries, wiring, or power! Using innovative energy harvesting technology, the energy created when manually pushing the switch allows for communication to occur between the receiver and switch. The switch is available in a single or dual version (dual version allows for control of a separate zone). 0-100 dimming, and easy on or off from dim setting, just tap the switch up for full brightness, or down for the lights to turn off.


  • Dimensions: 2.76″ X 4.5″ X .68″ (in the switch mount)
  • Switch includes switch mount for surface mounting, but does not include a face plate. Switch fits standard Decora size.
  • Switch functions only with 2-Zone Independence Receiver Units, and cannot be integrated into older Independence Dimmer 1.0 systems. 


Additional information

Weight 0.1625 lbs
Dimensions 4.51 × 2.77 × .935 in