Hotel Bed

This furniture lighting is a basic system that uses a plug in power supply, in-line switch, interconnect cables and custom flex strips.

Measure available space for flex:

To build this lighting set up you will first need to measure the length of the area of where the flex strip will be mounted. Once you have the full measurement, you will need to subtract 3” in order to make room for the cable connectors on each side. In this job the area measured was above and below the headboard.

Mounting the flex strips:

Where to mount the flex strips on this job is pretty straight forward. There was a channel in the headboard where the flex strips could sit in while still being hidden at the same time because of a trim around it. This made for an easy install because the flex just had to run inside the channel, there was no need for trying to figure out where it should be mounted or how to center it. Before placing the flex strip into the channel you will want to clean the area where you plan on placing the flex with isopropyl alcohol to remove any dust or dirt.

Providing Power:

After knowing where the lights will be placed, it is a good idea to know where the power supply will be mounted so that you’ll know how to run the cables. In this job, the power supply plugs into an outlet that is next to the headboard. Since this outlet is not a switched outlet, the lights would stay on all the time. However, the customer wanted to control the lights, so they decided to use an in-line switch to turn the lights on and off.

Mounting the In-Line switch

When mounting the In-Line switch you will want to place it in the very beginning of your flex strip run in order to control all the lights. In this case, since the power supply is plugged into an outlet on the left side of the bed, the switch was also mounted on the left side of the bed. The switch was mounted on the left side of the headboard in order to be accessible while being in the bed but also stay a little hidden from view at the same time. When installing the switch, be sure that the cable inputs are facing away from the wall so that the connectors can plug into them. The cable inputs on the switch are interchangeable so the power supply plug can go into either option. In this case it would probably be best to plug the power supply cable into the input closest to the floor.

Wiring Cables:

The cables on this job are a little more revealing than most jobs because there wasn’t very many places to hide them. The cable that is plugged into the switch and runs to the first flex strip was run up the side of the headboard and then ran into the channel where the flex strip was mounted. When the cable was ran up the side of the headboard the customer tried to place the cable behind the headboard to be hidden a little more. Inspired LED’s cable clamps were used inside the channel in order to keep the cable from hanging down and being visible.


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