2. Custom Rings – Hardwired System

This system consists of two custom fixtures that we installed our Ultra Bright flexible LED strips into. The system is split among three different 40w E-Series transformers all controlled from one Lutron dimmer/switch. Interconnect cables were used to connect the LED strips together. If you are interested in a custom design for your project make sure to email our design team at design@inspiredled.com or give us a call at 480-941-4286.

Measuring Available Space for LED Strips:

To find the amount of LED strips we need for the fixtures we had to find the diameter of each ring. We also had to form the circle with multiple LED strips instead of just one long LED strip. This is because the ring is partitioned in certain areas where the LED strip could not pass through. With the larger ring we used 8 – 42.5” LED strips and with the smaller ring we used 6 – 33” LED Strips.

Mounting the Flex Strips:

The LED strip was mounted on top of the fixture with the LEDs facing down, this cast enough light in each partition for a nice diffused look. A 4” cable was then passed through each partition to interconnect the LED strips. To avoid voltage drop we split the 8 LED strips into two runs of 4 LED strips. This split power enough to evenly light each side of the circle without one section being dimmer or brighter than another. For the smaller circle we were able to daisy chain all of the LED strips without splitting up the total run since it was a much shorter length overall.

Providing Power:

In a hardwired dimmable system we use a dimmable transformer instead of a plug-in power supply. The hardwired transformer splices directly to the high voltage coming from the wall switch dimmer instead of plugging into an outlet. Plug-in power supplies are not compatible with any high voltage wall dimmer/switches, dimming them is a potential fire hazard. Make sure you check out the instruction sheet to the right labeled ‘Transformer Wiring Guide’ and make sure you have a licensed contractor or electrician install the transformer.

Wiring Cables:

Once the transformer has been installed, you can then tie in your low voltage wiring to the output of the transformer. This system has three individual transformers each with their own 12’ lead running a portion of the LED strips. Once we terminate the 12’ lead to the first LED strip, we can then interconnect the LED strips with the interconnect cable.


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