2. Bathroom Mirror- Hardwired System

This bathroom mirror light is a hardwired system using an E-series transformer, Lutron dimmer switch, custom in-wall cable and a custom flex strip.

Measuring the available space for the flex:

Start the project by measuring out the entire length of the available space where the flex strip will be mounted. Once you have the full measurement of the area, you will need to subtract 3” in order to make room for the cable connectors on each side.

Mounting options:

This customer provided a custom mirror with a section sandblasted out to let the light through. The customer provided an aluminum extrusion with the mirror to mount the LED strip into. This keeps any light from bleeding out the sides of the mirror and focuses the light to the sandblasted portion of the mirror. Sandblasting is a custom service that we do not provide, the customer brought the mirror to us already sandblasted.

Providing Power:

The customer chose to go with a dimmable hardwired system using an E-Series dimmable transformer and a Lutron DVCL dimmer switch. The transformer was installed under the sink, the high voltage Lutron DVCL dimmer switch was installed on the wall and the high voltage cable was ran from the switch through the wall to the input of the transformer.  

Make sure you hire a licensed electrician or contractor to install the transformer to the high voltage dimmer switch. Check out the instruction sheet to the right titled ‘Transformer Wiring Guide’ for more information.

Wiring Cables:

Once the transformer has been installed you can then run cables from the output of the transformer to the LED strip locations. This customer used an in-wall cable and ran the cable in the wall before the drywall went up. When running cables in the wall make sure they are in-wall rated, Inspired LED offers a couple different styles of both in-wall and non in-wall rated cable.


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