Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Topics

General Product Questions

Q Are the Inspired LED kits easy to install?
Q How long will the LEDs last?
Q Do you have LEDs in colors?
Q What is the difference between the white color temperatures?
Q What is the difference between Inspired LED brightness levels on the Flexible LED strips?
Q What is the difference between all of your LED panels and LED strips you offer?
Q What are the dimensions of the Inspired LED Panels?
Q How hot do your LED lights get?
Q Do you offer puck lights?
Q What is the difference between cables and in-wall cables?
Q Do you have spec sheets about your products?
Q What is the power supply cable length? Can I customize that?
Q How do I get light samples?
Q Who are your distributors?
Q Are your products UL or CSA listed?
Q I want to leave feedback. Where can I do this?
Q How can I win cool prizes and get lighting ideas?

Technical and Installation Questions

Q I have NO idea of where to start. What do I do?
Q How many light panels or strips do I need?
Q How do I know what power supplies I need?
Q How can I dim my LED lights?
Q Do you have low voltage dimmers in stock? Which wall dimmers can I use with your dimmable transformers?
Q Can I hardwire my lights?
Q Can I use the existing wires under the cabinets from my old fluorescent lights?
Q What length of flexible strips or custom designers should I get?
Q I need different cables than what the kits offer. Can I change them?
Q If I order a kit and decide I need more light , is it easy to add them on later?
Q Can I cut or solder my own strips and cables?
Q Can I use multiple wireless dimmers on the same frequency?
Q Do you have any tutorials on how to install products?
Q I have Ikea cabinets. What is the best way to light them?
Q Do you offer an outdoor system in 24 volts?


Q What types of payment do you accept?
Q Is my payment secure?
Q My credit card isn't working at checkout. What do I do?
Q I am having issues with the shopping cart/payment. What do I do?
Q Will my shopping cart save after I leave your website?
Q Do you have contractor pricing?
Q What are you return and exchange policies?
Q Do you have a customer support department?
Q Do you have a showroom?


Q How long will it take to get my order? How soon can I get custom orders?
Q Do you ship internationally?
Q How much does shipping cost?
Q I need my package sooner than 2-3 days. I need my package shipped via UPS. How can I arrange that?
Q What is the status of my order?
Q I live near Tempe, AZ. Can I just pick up my order?
Q The shipping address I see in my own PayPal account is different than what I entered on your website. What happened?