DIY 10mm iDea Series Channel/Lens 6Ft


iDea Series Add-Ons:

The iDea Series channel and lens can be installed with or without endcaps. Note that endcaps are not tall enough to fit over solderless connectors. Reserve end caps for panels with soldered cable leads or ends without connectors.
Mounting Options include Metal Mounting Clips or VHB Tape
Use iDea Series or Micro-Lock connectors with iDea Series Channel
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The 10mm iDea Series LED System provides a range of convenient solutions for designing, installing, and adjusting LED systems on site. Just trim the LED flex strips to the desired length, attach connectors, place the LEDs in an aluminum channel, and snap on your preferred covers. Crafting personalized LED fixtures is now simple than ever with the innovative iDea Series LED system by Inspired LED.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
iDea Series Lens

Frosted/White, Clear