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You can add the perfect amount of light to any shelf or bookcase in your home with our Normal Bright LED Flexible Tape. First measure out the available space for your shelves where you would like to have lighting. The flexible LED tape is the perfect product for shelves since we can customize the length of the tape to any length you need. If you look at the above design, we customized lengths for this customer’s shelves ranging from 30” all the way up to 115”. Once you determined the locations and lengths for your LED strips, we can begin cutting the LED strips to the appropriate sizes. All of our LED strips will have a cut point after every 3rd LED, it looks like a copper oval with a black line running through the center. These locations are the only areas where you can cut the LED strip without damaging it. Take a look at the pictures below showing how to cut LED tape.

Once you have your LED strips cut to the appropriate sizes, we will need a way to connect power to your LED Strips. There are a couple ways we can achieve this, the easiest will be using our patented Tiger Paw LED Connectors®. These will allow you to install connectors without the use of solder, the connectors pinch on to the copper ovals giving you a solid connection. Keep in mind you would only need one connector if you do not plan on jumping or daisy chaining to another LED strip. Take a look at the 115” LED strips in the above design, notice how we have only one connection, the other end of the LED strips does not need a connector. The most important step when installing tiger paw connectors is to double check that the positive polarity (+) matches the positive polarity (+) on the connector. The LED strip will not light up if you have the polarities reversed. Take a look at the pictures below on how to install these on the LED strip.

Once all of your connectors have been installed and you have tested each connection by powering the LED strip with your power supply, you can begin to install the LED strips to the shelf. For maximum down light we suggest mounting the LED strip 3” from the front lip of the shelf. We recommend playing with the location of the LED strips to find the exact look you want, moving the LED strip forward or back can affect the way the light looks. Once you decide the location for install, you are ready to mount your lights to your shelf. Each LED strip will have 3M adhesive on the back of the LED strip, all you have to do is peel back the tape sleeve and begin to mount your flex. It can help to draw a line where the lights will be so you can follow the line when taping, this will keep your LED strip a straight run.

Once all of your LED strips are mounted to your shelves it’s time to bring power cables to the LED strips. Inspired LED uses a standard 3.5mm barrel connector we call Interconnect cables to pass power from the power supply to the LED strip. We sell them in standard lengths ranging from 4” to 12’ and can also make custom length cables upon request. If you look at the design above, we have our 12V 3.8A power supply running to a dimmer controller before the cables run to the LED strips. Since we have all cables running through this dimmer, all of the LED strips will be controlled together. We then run 4 cables from the dimmer to each row of LED strips, one for each row. Notice we can daisy chain LED strips together that are not at the same height, in the design above, we have small 1’ cables chaining two LED strips together. The last step is to plug your power supply into a wall outlet, and run the lead to the input of the dimmer. If some of the lights are not turning on, make sure to check your connections, in most cases the LED strip is functioning but the connector isn’t making a strong enough grip onto the LED strip. Let us know what questions come up! Call us at 480-941-4286 or email us at for more information and free design services!


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