How to bend flexible LED Strips

Inspired LEDs Flexible LED strips are a versatile option for almost any accent or task-lighting application. Adhesive backing allows theses LED’s to mount easily to flat surfaces, however, the installation process often requires the strips to be bent around curves and corners. For best results, follow these simple steps to make the most of your LED lighting.
Please Note: The Following techniques are intended for use with Normal Bright or Super Bright Flexible LED Strips only. Always avoid bending individual diodes, resistors, and solder joints to prevent damage.

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Technique 1: The 90 degree Fold

Lay flex strip out and identify location where fold will be made.

Begin by folding flex back at a 45 degree angle in the direction opposite the corner you need to round.

Bend flex back on itself in the proper direction to create a 90 degree angle

Press firmly to crease, if desired use dab of super glue to secure the fold.


Technique 2: The 90 degree Pinch

For simple corner turn, pinch the flex between LED components into a peak. Use a dab of superglue to hold pinch inplace.

Technique 3: The Curve

To make a gradual turn, create a series of smaller accordion folds following the shape of the curve.