Dimmable Transformer Wiring


  • Dimmable Transformers should be installed by a licensed electrician.
  • The actual transformer is encapsulated in the enclosure. Input leads are 20AWG to 14 AWG. Output leads are 16 AWG/ 18 AWG
  • Controlled with a low-voltage compatible dimmer.
  • Be sure to read the spec sheets for each transformer as each model may differ slightly in installation or wiring.
  • Enclosure temperature will not exceed 70°C @ 40°C ambient.
  • Transformers should NEVER be enclosed behind drywall, must remain accessible.
  • General directions to wiring can be found here: How to Wire a Dimmable Transformer

12V E-Series or Magnetic Magnitude Wiring:

12V LinDrive Magnitude Transformer Wiring:

24V E-Series or Magnetic Magnitude Transformer Wiring:

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