Dimmable Transformer Specifications


SchematicThe actual transformer is encapsulated in the enclosure. Input leads are 20AWG or 14 AWG. Output leads are 16 AWG/ 18 AWG.


Enclosure temperature will not exceed 70°C @ 40°C ambient. Wiring compartment has 2 knockouts sized for 3/4 inch screw cable connectors. he removable cover for the wiring compartment is secured in place by a screw. The enclosure is black powder coated.


- Manual reset thermal circuit breaker on the secondary side.
- Controlled with a low-voltage dimmer.
- ETL listed
- CSA listed
- UL standard 5085-1

Flow Chart 

40 and 60 Watt Transformers are now, as of May 1st all E-series Transformers and  vary slighting from the previous magnetic transformer versions. If you have any quesitons please do not hesitate to contact us.

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