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InspiredLED - Dimmers

Jacqueline gives instruction on installing Inspired LED dimmers.

LED Lighting: Difference Between Popular Styles

Inspired LED offers a variety of LED lighting for your home and business. This video explains the differences between our most popular lighting: Pro Series Panels Designer Series Panels Flexible Strips: Normal Bright, Super Bright, Ultra Bright

Free Design Services and Quotes on LED Lighting | Inspired LED

Inspired LED offers free design services and quotes in order to make lighting choices easier for our customers. Send drawings, pictures, 3D renderings, and more to Our sales engineers will send a personalized layout to you in a matter of days. We offer pre- and post-purchase support as well!

Outdoor Lighting

Inspired LED offers an outdoor lighting line that is weather resistant and is perfect for any outdoor application. Various seating areas, walk ways, stairs, decks, and patios all utilizing our outdoor lighting.

Restaurant and Retail Lighting

Inspired LED lighting can be used in a variety of different ways for LED lighting in restaurant and retail spaces. Lighting allows you to change the look of the space, without having to break the bank!

Garage and Workshop Lighting

How to utilize garage and workshop lighting using a variety of Inspired LED's products, flexible strips, panels, angle adjust tubes, and outdoor lighting!

Kitchen Project Lighting

We want you to get inspired by some of the Inspired LED kitchens that have inspired us! Under cabinet lighting, above cabinet lighting, accent, toe kick and more!

How-To: Reduce Glare on Granite

LEDs or any other type of lighting will create a glare on shiny kitchen surfaces, such as granite and quartz. Learn how to install your lights under cabinets in order to reduce or eliminate this effect.

Standard "Y" Cable

A step by step guide to installing a "Y" Cable into your Inspired LED System.

Dimmable Transformer and Lutron Magnetic Low Voltage Dimmer | Inspired LED

Inspired LED's Dimmable Transformer allows for dimming LEDs from a wall dimmer. Requires a Lutron magnetic low voltage dimmer (see our website for more information on approved dimmers). Available in 40 Watt, 60 Watt, and 100 Watt

Just for Fun: LED Dog Lights

After a day at the vet, Bentley the french bulldog headed to Inspired LED for a visit. He lit up everyone's day while trying to navigate the ins and outs of his temporary dog collar. Bentley quickly realized he could get into even more trouble with his new set of lights!

Museum Drawer Lighting

Inspired LED lighting was featured in a 150 year old Empire chest.The drawers we lit for a museum in Albuquerque, NM. Each drawer used our magnetic switches to turn on when op and off when closed!

Just for Fun: LED Stick Figure Halloween Costume

We decided, if the LED baby could do it, so could we! Presenting a few of our team members' Halloween costumes this year! Made with RGB color changing lights, black clothes, and a lot of patience

APS Parade- Phoenix, AZ

The phoenix electric auto association at the phoenix aps light parade

Inspired LED on Assembly Lines

Super bright 40 foot long LED system provided by "" reduced eye fatigue and increases productivity.

Screw Terminal to 3.5mm Power Supply Connector

Inspired LED's new line of screw terminal products makes solderless connections to LED lighting easy and flawless. Use our screw terminal to 3.5mm power supply connector to connect our low voltage power supply to any LED light strip (standard power connections are 5.5mm)

Solderless Flexible LED Strip Extender

Demonstration of how to put together Inspired LED's flexible LED strip extender. These extenders are easy to install, if your flexible strip is just not quite long enough for your space.

Solderless Screw Terminal Distribution Block

How to put together a screw terminal distribution block for LED lighting. This product allows contractors and other industry professionals to terminate many cables from a single end.

9 Volt Battery LED Tester for Screw Terminal Systems

Inspired LED's 9-volt battery tester for screw terminal LED lighting systems. Easy for contractors or other industry professionals to test LEDs in the field and make sure the polarity is correct before installation.

Solderless Tiger Paw Screw Terminal Connector Systems

This is a demonstration of Inspired LED's Patented Solderless Screw Terminal Connectors. These connectors eliminate the need for soldering. Great for working in the field and constructing on the spot LED applications

DIY LED Stick Figure Costume

This simple and unique costume will make sure you are the life of the party! This costume has been created to fit all sizes and ages! It is currently available on our website and Amazon store and comes in three colors , White, Red, Blue, and Green. This product is SOLD OUT!

Color Changing Lights

Color changing RGB LED lights are the life of any great party! Simple to use and fun to watch, these lights will boost the energy anywhere they are installed!

Specialty Lighting

This specialty lighting page allows you to get creative with any sort of application you may be using. No idea is too big or too small, contact our design team for further assistance!'

Accent & Backlighting

Various applications for accent and backlighting using Inspired LED's flexible strip and panel lighting systems. Use Inspired LED lights for bookshelves, wet bars, cabinets, bathrooms, televisions, cove lighting, art, and more!

Interior Glass Cabinet Lighting

A how to video: lighting the inside of a glass-faced cabinet with flexible strips.

Universal TV Backlight Kit with USB Switch

Inspired LED's TV Backlight kit with a USB switch is a great tool to for reducing eye strain! The flexible strip adheres right to the back of your TV for simple installation. This kit includes a USB switch, which allow you to turn the lights on and off with your TV. The TV Backlight will provide enough light for your eyes to get their color reference, and you'll find that pictures seem a little crisper and colors more vivid.

On/ Off In-Line Switch

This simple to use switch for LED lighting plugs in after the power supply and installs under your kitchen cabinets for easy use.

Distribution Block

This distribution block from Inspired LED acts as a splitter for your low voltage power. Simply plug in your power supply into one input and plug up to 5 additional lines of light into your distribution block to make your runs easier to install.

Four Position Dimmer

You have several options for dimming your LED lighting. This four position dimmer plugs in directly after your power supply for easy installation and access. It dims to 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% with an off feature.

Cable Extender Block

Inspired LED's cable extender block allows you to effortlessly extend any of our interconnect cables or any outside source cables with a 3.5x1.3mm connector. No need to strip or solder cables with this easy addition! Use as part of our low voltage LED systems

Use Your Own Cables: Screw Terminal

Inspired LED's Screw Terminals allow you to cut and terminate your own cabling to allow for the most price and time efficient applications. Simply strip your cables, match positive and negative ends, and tighten. Uses a 3.5mmx1.5mm connector. For in wall wiring applications use DC Feeder Wire 18-2 Class 2 or 3 CMR Rated In Wall (18-2 Speaker Wire)

RGB Flex Strips and Wireless Remote

Inspired LED's New RGB Color Changing Flexible Strips and RGB Controller with Wireless Remote. Use the touch wheel to change your lights to any color you want, or use the preset options!

Solderless Tiger Paw LED Connector

Inspired LED offers a brand new and unique product that gives you the ability to be the sole designer of your project. Our newly developed, patented Tiger Paw LED Connector™ allows you to create custom length LED flex strips at home or in the field. Perfect for anybody from stay-at-home moms to electricians on the go. Simply cut the flexible strip, mount the solderless Tiger Paw LED Connector™ onto the strip, and apply the lights to any application.

LED Flexible Strip Lighting Underneath Kitchen Cabinets with Frames

How to install LED flexible strips under cabinets with frames in the kitchen. There's no need to order individual strips! Purchase one continuous strip to make installation easier and cut notches in the frame.

Under Cabinet LED Lighting | Inspired LED

Jacqueline demonstrates how to install Inspired LED's under cabinet lighting. Inspired LED offers a variety of low voltage, easy to install task lighting for the kitchen.

Overhead, Above Cabinet LED Lighting | Inspired LED

In this video we show you how to install LED light strips for your kitchen cabinets! We cover the basics of indoor LED home installations and show each step required to transform your kitchen and home! Both warm white and cool white color options are available for both LED Light Strip Kits seen in this video.

Table and Wall Mounted TV Backlight Kit | Inspired LED

Jacqueline demonstrates how to install a TV Backlight Kit from Inspired LED, available only on our Amazon store!

Office and Commercial LED Lighting | Inspired LED

LED Lighting is perfect for any office or commercial setting. Cool White LED lights can improve performance and employee productivity in the work place. Inspired LED's products are easy to install and energy efficient for a sustainable office.

Custom Made Orders from Inspired LED

Inspired LED makes every effort to ship your order on the same or next day that you order it. We are able to do this because much of our manufacturing is done in-house. We pride ourselves in high-quality products that are produced by our highly qualified staff, and high-quality custom service that is carried out by our sales team. From the moment your order arrives in our warehouse to the moment it leaves our doors, you can ensure that you are in great hands!