Specialty Lighting

Inspired LED lighting is applicable to nearly any project imaginable. LEDs have the versatility to be installed with minimal effort and time. A variety of colors, designs, color temperatures, and sizes makes LED lighting a must-have when undertaking a specialty project. Each project has the ability to be designed and tailored to exact specifications, without huge additional costs. LEDs change the look and overall ambiance of any application. Inspired LED has been successful in a number of specialty projects including gun safes, sewing machine lights, cruise ships, toy haulers, architectural lighting, car shows, motorcycles, ATV whips, and furniture & art installation lighting. The wonderful thing about specialty LEDs is the simple fact that you are only limited by your imagination. Inspired LED can be your stepping-stone in exploring the huge number of possibilities in specialty lighting. If you would like help figuring out which products to purchase for your application, please email our design team with a picture or drawing to design@inspiredled.com.