Right Angle Tiger Paw® LED Connector, with Optional Power Inputs

Right Angle Tiger Paw® LED Connector (12V or 24V Flex)

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While the vast majority of our product line is connectorized for the customer’s convenience, it is sometimes desirable to cut one’s own flexible strip lights. For this purpose we developed our patented Tiger Paw® Connector, which allows for reliable termination of flexible strips without the need for soldering. This option is especially effective as an add-on to our "Cut and Connect Series" Kits. 

Our newly developed solderless Right Angle Tiger Paw® connectors allows you to create custom LED flex layouts at home or in the field. Perfect for anybody from beginners to electricians on the go. Simply cut the flexible LED strip, mount the strip on the Tiger Paw® LED Connector, and apply the lights to any application. Right Angle Tiger Paws® are perfect for those "hard to reach" corners, and might just be required to create the perfect installation!
Right Angle Tiger Paws® can be used with hardwire or plug-in systems, and can be used with Normal Bright, Super Bright, Ultra bright or Mega Bright LED flex strips. There are three versions of the Right Angle Tiger Paw® available:
      1) The Right Angle Tiger Paw® with No Power Input- this is ideal for connecting two strips of Flexible Strips together in a corner that does not require direct power (this would be a daisy chain set-up).
      2) The Right Angle Tiger Paw® with Plug In Power Input-  this accomodates Inspired LED's standard 3.5 x1.3mm barrel connectors featured on plug-in power supplies, interconnect cables,  and Screw Terminal Connectors.
      3) The Right Angle Tiger Paw® with Screw Terminal Power Input-  this should be used when running direct low voltage line drops, the screw terminal connector can accomodate 16-22AWG wire.
See Information sheets below for more details regarding each connector:

Right Angle Tiger Paw, with No Power Input : Information Sheet

Right Angle Tiger Paw, with Plug In Power Input: Information Sheet

Right Angle Tiger Paw, with Screw Terminal Power Input: Information Sheet


**Right angle tiger paws are marked with a positive polarity on one side however: If you align the flex peices in a "train track" formation the negative polarity of the flixble strip will work on the side labeled positive as long as the negative side of the next strip is matched up.** 

Right Angle Tiger Paw® LED Connectors are sold in a individually.
U.S. Patent No. 8,714,772

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