Outdoor Weather Resistant Flexible Strips for 12VAC or 12VDC Systems – Prices Starting at $7.60


Inspired LED’s outdoor flexible strips are great for outdoor applications such as patios, stairs, gazebos, umbrellas, walkways, barbeque areas, entertainment centers, railings, and more. These strips can connect to your current power system or can be added as a new system. Brighten up any outdoor area with the simple addition of a flexible strip!

Weather Resistant strips are encased in silicone tubing (4mm x 14mm) and sealed on each end with silicone. Strips are quickly made-to-order to your specifications. Strips are not to be submerged in water, such as pools.


    • Luminosity: ~55 lumens per foot (depending on color)
    • Wattage: 0.75 watts per foot
    • Dimensions: 18” x 0.87” x 0.75”
    • 90 CRI
    • 3′ male flying lead coming out of one end of the strip, unless otherwise stated
    • For use with 12V AC or DC Transformers
      • For 12VAC applications: Diode bridge integrated into the strip for compatibility with 12VAC transformers. For use with 12V AC transformers such as the transformers carried by Malibu.
    • i Subtract 1.5″ from your dimensions on each side of the flexible strip to allow room for interconnect cable installation.