Single Color In-Line Controller with 9V Battery Connector


This convenient in-line controller for single color LEDs features several different light flashing modes, a dimmer, and an on and off switch! Avoid large switches and clunky dimmers for slim, streamlined projects.

Ideal for creative “on-the-go” lighting applications, this unique device brings the freedom of battery power to the world of energy-efficient LEDs! Great for small areas, fun projects, DIY stick figure costumes, holiday lights, and more.


  • 1- 9V battery connector
  • 1- In-line switch for single color LEDs (will not work with multi-color, RGB lights)


  • Total length- 11.5”
  • Male connector is 3.5mm X 1.3mm
  • Batteries are not included


Additional information

Weight 0.01875 lbs
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