Multi-Zone Wireless Remote

Multi-Zone Wireless Remote (12V or 24V Flex)

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The Multi-Zone Wireless remote when combined with the Multi-Zone Dimmable Receiver creates an effortless addition to any Inspired LED plug-in lighting system. The unique multi-zone control allows for up to four separate zones of control. Sync as many remotes to receviers as needed.


Simply plug an Inspired LED power supply into the recevier on the power in side, and connect the output LED side to the light stirps or panels using Interconnect Cables.

Select between intermediate brightness levels (1%-100%) by spinning the dimmer wheel.

Use the zone buttons to turn on or off specific zones as needed.

Orange indicator light will illuminate in the center of the wheel, this means the remote is communicating with the receiver unit.

Multi-Zone Remote also fits in mount for wireless remote. 

Multi-Zone components are NOT compatible with Dimmer with Wireless Remote Product.

Remote Dimensions: 4.32" x 2.07" x 0.843"

Requires: LED light strip or panel, plug-in power supply, and interconnect cable

Additional Information

Product Color White Remote
Dimensions No
Inspired LED Product Number 3763