DIY Radiant Edge Tall End Caps

DIY Radiant Edge Tall End Caps

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The NEW DIY Radiant Edge Series is ideally suited for the experienced DIYer, electrician, or contractor.

Building custom LED Light panels on demand has never been so easy! These Tall End Caps combine with DIY RADIANT EDGE ALUMINUMDIY RADIANT EDGE TALL LENS, and DIY RADIANT EDGE MOUNTING CLIPS to create the perfect custom LED fixture in minutes. 

Just add the FLEXIBLE LED STRIPS of your choice, along with 3.5MM SOLERLESS PAIRs, or WHITE SCREW TERMINAL TIGER PAW connectors. Or pair with INSPIRED LED CUT AND CONNECT KITS to get everything you need in one bundle!

Dimensions: 0.97” x 0.85" x 0.98" 

End Caps are sold individually with a screw for mounting. 


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